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Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision

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  • Time of issue:2021-07-05 15:46:12
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In the long-term development of the company, through continuous accumulation, summary and refinement, the unique corporate culture concept of "Tianma Enterprise" has been gradually formed.


The core of culture and management, a small step forward every day

Taking a small step every day is the spirit of "Tianma people" and the belief of continuous progress, pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement, and insatiableness. One small step per person every day is a big step for the enterprise in the future.


The cornerstone of cultural management, team spirit is supreme

An enterprise that is supported by collective strength and creates performance with a system is like a team. The important thing is team awareness and close cooperation. Only by paying attention to team spirit and team consciousness can the cohesion of enterprise survival and competition be formed.


Tianma brand concept, boutique is the soul of the brand

The vitality of an enterprise lies in the brand, and the soul of the "Tianma" brand is the concept of high-quality goods. Seiko craftsmanship is the fine tradition of "Tianma people". "Boutique is the soul of the brand". This is not a slogan but an action of "Tianma people".




Tianma marketing philosophy, everything is user-centric


"Tianma people" implement this concept into every detail, grasp market demand, abide by service promises, and constantly seek new marketing and service strategies, and strive for terminal success.

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