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Have had the wind and rain.Over the past 25 years experience of enterprise success and failure in learning,reflection and well-grounded realization course correction third.

25 years is mot a short period of time,the tianma company lucky even tailor-made opprtunities,and synchronization of china's reform and opening up.

Dribs and drabs,gratitude for the mood in the past 25 yearsas a summary,not just to meet in person tianma market to us today,we will try to river "tianma" when the brand control lift taller,more bright,for the development of Chinese control techmology and struggle.

"Zero defcet,reailze customer products all satisfied." This od our motto of pegasus, mantra. I will tell all colleagues ,let these two slogand sa ghe goal, we work as usual, go down id a down-to-earth manner,while for the tianma more brilliant control development and lay a solid foundation.