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We have assembly building of 29000 square meters,Equipped with 8 plants, 24 lines, more than 1000 employees.Company has the independent injection center, equipped with 80 units Haitian automatic injection molding machine to produce kinds of cover, base, leverage, gear etc ;With 35 sets of high-speed punching machine, 62 units uni axial longitudinal cutting precision automatic lathe, 15units uniaxial multi-tool, 48units automatic lathe automatic gear hobbing machine, 4unit journal polishing machines, 10 sets automatic feeding machine 10 sets ;Automatic motor winding machine,4 units automatic terminal riveting machine , 8 units fully automatic riveting machine , 2units fully automatic machine assembly pin machines, 27 units energy storage spot welding machine, 3 units automatic computer wire stripping machine, 2 sets automatic soldering machine winding machine , 21 units of 5 kn press riveting equipment .Comprehensive capacity is: the daily production 40000 sets of washing machine timer, 20000PCS microwave oven timer ,30000PCS electric pressure cooker timer,20000PCS oven timer 10000PCS fan motor ,Total daily production capacity :120000pcs . the annual output of more than 40 million.

We have 2 SMT machines, 4 sets wave welding machine ,1 reflow welding machine, 1 printing machine, 1 glue machine which are produced control board with 180000 sets (pieces) per month, Main supplied for midea, haier, galanz, supor etc .At the same time, the company equipped with professional laboratory and aging room to control the quality of the raw materials so that guarantee the high quality products.